Growcer is setting up Switzerland’s first vertical farm in Basel. At the same time, it’s one of Europe’s most automated Vertical Farms using latest achievements in Robotics & AI. The farm is six floors high and can produce leafy vegetables, herbs, shoots and fruit all year round.

How do we feed a growing population most of whom live in cities? As we also face land and water shortages, new approaches to how and where we produce food are needed. Switzerland offers good basic conditions, but there is also a shortage of land and agricultural personnel. In addition, recent hot summers have drastically reduced Switzerland’s groundwater reserves. A new resource-conserving approach is needed that allows maximum water savings and the elimination of pesticides. Minimizing transport routes must help to reduce CO2 emissions significantly too.

The Vertical Farm from Growcer in Basel operates on six levels and is controlled by robots and software. The closed climate means that the farm guarantees the constant production of leafy vegetables, herbs, shoots and berries all year round with consistent quality, output and costs. The food is cultivated in a nutrient solution without soil which uses 90% less water than field cultivation. The closed climate also permits pure production without pesticides and consumption without washing.

By reusing a former cargo train station, the farm covers the integration aspect into urban areas to connect with surrounding apartments, restaurants and supermarkets.

The farm in Basel is based on the existing prototype of the firm Growcer AG in Gretzenbach. The current progress of the project can be followed on the project page. The farm will also be open to the public for viewing and tasting from 2020.

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