Collaborating with the cooperative retailer Migros Basel, Growcer is currently developing the first <<Robotic Vertical Farm>> in Switzerland. All year-round, the new farm is capable of producing independently of weather conditions, pesticide-free, and with little use of water. Thanks to short delivery routes, produce is being delivered to local stores on the same day it has been harvested. Production will kick off soon, and the first products are expected to be available exclusively at MParc Dreispitz (Basel) this summer.

<< Vertical Farming is a trend sparked by a growing consumer need for sustainability and regionality>>, says René Lori, Head of Supermarkets & Hospitality at Migros Basel. <<Through our collaboration with Growcer we are capable of investing in an innovative and future-oriented project>>.

The first Swiss Vertical Farm is currently being built in a warehouse located within the Wolf area in Basel City. It is a fully automated operation with machines covering all tasks from sowing to irrigation to harvesting. The production chambers are fully isolated from the environment allowing year-round production without soil, pesticides and a water-saving of up to 90%. Space is used in the most efficient way, turning 400m² of land into 1000m² of growing area. The farm can produce leafy greens and herbs year-round and thanks to its proximity will deliver farm-fresh produce to the store within hours. 

<< Like many other countries, Switzerland is dependent on imports – at Growcer we are adding a new level of regionality and continuity. Subsequently, pesticides are completely omitted from the production process as they are posing a threat to our population and the environment. With Migros Basel we have found a partner who shares our values and supports our ambitions of introducing this new generation of sustainable produce>>, says Marcel Florian, CEO of Growcer AG.

The facility located in the Wolf area will be ready in spring. First products are expected to be available exclusively at Migros MParc Dreispitz in summer. Furthermore, it is intended to add more types of vegetables and fruit to its year-round production at a later stage and expand services to further retail stores. 

Migros Basel and Growcer are looking forward to a collaborative partnership and a bright future.

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