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Growcer guarantee

Since we sound the bell to a new era of sustainable and healthy agriculture, we consider trust as one of the most important keys for success. Our products guarantee 100% satisfaction, which means: higher freshness, lower price and better quality (especially taste) compared to conventional products. In case you once should not be 100% satisfied with a Growcer product, get in touch with us and we will refund the full money for your order.

Higher freshness

or money back

Lower price

or money back

Better quality

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How it works

Excellent green production can be so easy and sustainable at once
Wir bauen Gemüse, Kräuter und Gewürze in unserem Warenhaus im Kanton Aargau an.
Nach 20-30 Tagen ernten wir die Pflanzen.
Direkt im Warenhaus werden sie verpackt und für den Versand vorbereitet.
Die Lieferung erfolgt am nächsten Tag, um die exzellente Frische und Qualität zu gewährleisten.

The leafy greens are being seed, they germinate and grow in a fully controlled environment. We adjust illumination, water + nutrient supply and the climate to create perfect growing conditions. All happens in a large warehouse within Switzerland, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After 28 to 42 days, the greens are ready for harvesting. Highly automated machines select the greens from the vertical farmer and pass them to robots for harvesting and further processing. At each step, quality + purity is being monitored and assured.

In the next step, the greens are being weighted and packed into plastic-free bags automatically. The bags are fully compostable. After packaging, the bags are being stored in a cold house to keep freshness till the next Swiss Post truck arrives to pick them up for delivery.

The Swiss Post is delivering the greens via next day delivery to restaurants, hotels, bars and consumers in Switzerland. We’re reducing the CO2 emissions for transport in average by ~55g per order.

110% taste

Our greens taste more intense by nature. Try them!

100% sustainable

We only use energy from sustainable sources and efficient transportation.

0% chemicals

No pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides. No artificial or chemical bullshit.

0% plastic

The greens’ packaging is plastic-free & compostable.

Good reasons for Growcer

Start making better meals by using better food

95% water saving

High technology enables us to go with only 5% of water consumption compared to conventional cultivation methods.

No artificial chemicals

No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We don’t need any artificial chemicals since our farmers are hermetically sealed.

Natural better taste

Our greens taste more flavourful due to our growing technology and the nutrient rich water solution we feed to them.

Plastic-free packaging

We use plastic-free packaging foil for the greens which is compostable at home or in organic trash.

Cheaper than conventional

Our greens are cheaper than conventional ones from groceries or big distributors since we have a direct-2-consumer supply chain.

Renewable energy only

We only use energy from sustainable sources (sun, water, wind) to keep the planet in balance.

CO2 saving

It’s hard to count every gramm of CO2 we save – it’s a lot. We produce locally for local consumers and minimise transportation as much as doable.

Made in Switzerland

Our technology and produce is made in Switzerland. We’re proud for these roots.

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Where can I buy Growcer food?

Our produce can be only purchased directly online. We are selling direct-2-consumer to reduce the price and keep our goods as fresh as possible.

When can I buy food from Growcer?

We’re setting up our farm in the Cantone of Aargau by the end of 2018. You’ll be able to purchase online or via app by the beginning of 2019. To make waiting sweeter, sign up for our free taste package.

When and where can I visit the farm?

We don’t provide guided tours through our farming warehouse at the moment. If you have any special inquiry, get in touch with us.

Which technology are you using for growing?

Our production relies on vertical farming, more specific on aeroponics. This technology comes from the space industry. Like in space, resources are about to run out and population will increase on our planet. We use self-developed high efficiency technology for producing, harvesting and packaging.

Where are you operating?

We run our warehouse in Switzerland and supply Swiss restaurants, hotels, bars and consumers.

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